Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Flu has landed

In 1969 I remember coughing so hard my head would start to ache. That is the last time I had the flu. I have been very lucky. I have taken the flu shot since 1989, this year included, with little to no side effect other than a sore arm. Wow! imagine my shock when after having a swab that must have been at least a yard long (it seemed that way!) shoved up my nose and then tested came back positive for FLU. Both the preacher and myself had been sick since Wednesday. I knew that this put us out of the "miracle cure" window, but was not worried because walking in to the dr.'s office I was 100% sure that we did NOT have the flu. Surprise!! The conversation went something like this.

Doc: Glad you had the flu shot. It is very important to protect yourself from influenza.
PW: blankly staring back because speaking would have caused me to exert energy that I was using at the moment to breath.
Doc: And....I hope that you continue to get one each year.
PW: continue eye contact while thinking "maybe he can read my thoughts about how cold his office is to someone who has 101 fever and would prefer to be in her bed with Sandy the wonder heater
Doc: However your swabs have tested positive.
PW: glazed look continued while thinking What, this can't be. I was one of the first in line at work for the flu shot. I then enlisted all of my co workers (who were exposed on Wednesday Sorry!) to be quick and go get their shots to protect themselves.
Doc: No need to test your husband he has the same symptoms and time frame. Stay away from everyone until next week. If you don't feel up to work on Monday don't go (oh! lucky me It's my last holiday until May. Thanks doc!) . You don't want to relapse.

Boy is he right. I will continue to be a flu shot campaigner. And if any of you out there who read this think you might be getting the flu, Go immediately to the dr. Don't lay around for 2 days thinking that you can whip this. Tamiflu is only effective for 48 or so hours. Luckily for us I think we were on the end of that.
Still have the symptoms, and the cough (tussi pearls are great) but I can definitely tell I am on the mend.

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Amanda Parsons said...

I am sorry you two are sick. You were missed this morning. Get better soon!