Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Starts

A new start. I get the same feeling the first of every year. I always try to come up with some new year resolution...and then promptly forget it. So no new year resolutions this year. I will just keep trying to fix the old me with a little help from my friends and family, and a lot of help from God.

I really can not complain. I have a husband that I love,

Sons that allow me to be a part of their life without rolling their eyes too much.

Grandsons who have the super power of healing a broken heart, that I wish I could stay home to be with more,

They grow up too fast for my liking, and I wish I could get them to understand that they will long for the age they are now in the future. Check out here for the difference a year makes.
The world is a scary place and I worry more about them, then I did my own boys.
I have a job I really like, and better yet... a boss I really like that keeps enough on her plate to keep us all busy.
We were blessed this year with a new home (even with a touch of red), and with minimal damage from IKE.

We have lost some good friends, but know that they go to a better home and know that our lives are better off having known and loved them. We have gained new friends,

and hope that they stay in our lives for a long time. Most importantly, we have a great church family, and are growing to appreciate them more each day.
Happy New Years to everyone.