Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What is this world coming to?

What??? Jack needs writers?... I am shocked! I have to say that I rarely watch much TV...who has the time? But January to June is my time with Son #1, family, and Frank ( who is also kind of family in a not really family but we love him and wish he were kind of way) Everyone who knows us knows not to call for the 1 hour a week (occasionally 2) that Jack is saving the world. In fact... the only time Son #1 was even close to being rude was when someone ( salesperson) called at a critical moment (apparently they did not know the world was in the hands of terrorist, and life as we know it was about to end). Sigh... I guess we will have to live with the fact that while Jack is still "the man" he does have his limitations. Apparently he cannot save the world and write about it too! Oh well.... maybe we will have to go back and watch a previous season (yes we have them) until the writers get this worked out.

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