Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday E

Wow, where did it go! I am sure that just last week I was ignoring the cardinal rule of no noise while Jack saves the free world, and focusing all my attention on this cute, wrinkly, little bundle of joy. Luckily we have a DVR, because no world was being saved from evil terrorist the week of Jan 25, 2007. We were too busy taking pictures!

Now suddenly he is crawling, standing, eating chocolate cake with his fingers, and enjoying every minute of it (even if he was not sure if he could get his fingers dirty!)

He did eventually warm up to the idea!

I really enjoyed my boys being little, however I frequently forgot to enjoy the fun they were having. Life gets busy, dinners have to be cooked, and bills have to be paid. However, life is sweet. 3 years ago we were blessed with meeting our first grandson, and have learned all over the fun a boy can have with the simple things in life. Give the kid a stick and he will be busy for hours! 1 year ago we were blessed with our second joy! While we all hunger for the prissiness, and lace that a girl would bring into our lives, we can not even begin to imagine what life would be like without our little bundles of snails and puppy dog tails!
Happy Birthday E!

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