Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ernest the Elf

I thought I had lost my Christmas Spirit.

Wednesday night L my oldest grandson informed me that he thought that he had an Elf. He was sure that this elf was tricking him, and that it lived somewhere in his house. He even told his Dad that he thought the elf was "stalking" him. (Oh... life is fun when little ones try to use new words that they have learned.) L explained to me that he had started planning a way to trap the elf. He was sure that it was currently living in his closet. He had heard noises. He was sure it was the elf messin' with his stuff.

Thursday 8 PM, I was summoned to L's home to inspect the trap that he had fixed. He really put a lot of thought into catching this elf. He had a box, a stick (surprise, surprise), and a candy bar tied to the stick. He was sure he would catch the elf. After leaving his house, I joined in with Son #1 on the search for the perfect elf....of course; it was the one time when we could find nothing that would resemble an we planned a night of a near catch. We bought a couple of small toys. Son #1 waited until L was fast asleep, and went to inspect the elf trap. He exchanged the surprise items for the candy bar, and left a note stating that it was "a nice try", but L would have to try harder if he thought he could catch a "Christmas Elf".

Friday 7 AM, on my way to work, I got a phone call from L. He was talking very fast and explaining to me how he had almost caught the elf whose name was..."Ernest Elf" He read me the note that the "Elf" had left, and told me he knew the elf was still in the house, he knew because he had made sure that ALL the doors were closed. Apparently an elf can get into a house, but can only leave through a door. Well...this put us in a predicament. Now we had to find an elf. I called almost every toy store in the greater Houston area. Called most of the book stores, and quite a few Hallmark stores, only to be told either
A. No
B. No
C. Ummm...No.

I only had one person laugh at me. I encouraged co-workers, and friends to help, and finally did a Google search for Elf and Houston. I came up with a bunch of phone numbers, and finally the moment came when I heard something besides "No". Son #1 was given the location of the "Elf drop" (I really am serious about the drop part. In fact it was more than a little weird). The plan was laid;and a"Better" Elf trap was set.

Saturday 8AM "Grandma, I caught my elf"..."No way, elves are too smart to be caught"..."No really, I caught it, come see it" "How did you catch it?" Now the rest of the conversation I can't repeat word for word, but it had something to do with a baseball, string, a Hershey bar, a net, and a bed post? This I had to see. Now I have to give it to Son #1. All those years of terrorizing his brother had finally paid off. Now he was the coolest dad! The picture above is L with his elf Ernest. Ernest is very tricky. He almost got away at lunch today (Thanks to Hector and others at Lupe's. They pulled off the perfect heist with all the gusto of any mission impossible episode. I could almost hear the music in the background.) Luckily, Ernest was found hiding in a nearby palm tree. Apparently he is shy in crowds, and only wanted to get away from everyone, but still be able to watch L. I didn't lose my Christmas spirit. I found it in the palm tree with Ernest!

The psalmist stated that "Children are a gift of the Lord". I repeated this often when L's dad was little, and I felt like I was not the mom I wanted to be. But, today I have to admit that it came to mind again and only brought me joy. Posted by Picasa

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Amanda Parsons said...

Logan is so blessed to have Son #1 and you! And, the Bible verse was a much needed one by me today........I was not feeling like the best mom during worship today! You were there, you know what I am talking about!